In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


Zevk Ensemble is the combined effort of husband and wife team Benyamin and Rabia van Hattum. They are supported by other musicians inspiring and delighting audiences that range from kindergarden to the elderly. They are committed to using their performing talents to express that tolerance and appreciation of cultural and religious differences is the basis of a peaceful world, and that everyone becomes richer by sharing. Zevk is a Turkish word conveying taste and joy coming from an uplifted heart.

The Zevk Ensemble’s combination program of music and storytelling draws its source material primarily from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region. Turkish folk music and illahis, or devotional Islamic poetry, are presented. Their repertoire also includes music from the Sephardim (Spanish Jews), various peoples of the Balkans, and the Romany gypsies. The popular feature of storytelling evokes laughter and reflection on the human condition. By expressing what is universal and appreciating what is different in all cultures, the Zevk Ensemble hopes to bring hearts to the recognition that we are all one human family.




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