Once upon a time there was a youth in the Netherlands who dreamed about wandering in the wide, wide world.  He read many books about the world's various peoples, learned some languages, and traveled for years listening to people's stories.  In the golden city of Jerusalem he discovered his faith, met the princess of his dreams, and found his trade as a woodcarver. 

He settled in the mountains of New Mexico, and had together with his true love, five lively children.  Every night as they sat around the fire, they would all plead "Daddy!  Tell us a story!"  Slowly the neighbors' children began dropping by to join the circle, and then their parents, too.  Eventually more people in the village came to listen, and then the nearby towns asked him to come by their public libraries in the afternoons.

So now he divides his time carving beautiful pieces of woodwork and telling tales.  He can always be found surrounded by piles of wood chips and happy faces.

The storytelling presentations offered by Benyamin van Hattum are all based on rich and entertaining tales from the Islamic world.  It is evident that our nation's involvement with the wider world of Islam is increasing.  The lack of understanding regarding any culture creates negative stereotypes.

This program is designed to help educate all levels of listeners to the beautiful and varied cultures intertwined with Islam.  Through this medium the public will become more informed, thoughtful and inquisitive.  The stories take you traveling from Indonesia across Asia, all the way to the western shores of Africa. 

Dramatic storytelling at its best compels the listener to enter another culture, another time, and another landscape.  The results diverge between receiving wisdom teachings to exploding from universal hilarity.  In the Islamic world, storytelling has always been regarded as a teaching method for morality, historical narrative and the overall human condition.  From the poignant accounts of the Prophet Muhammad's companions, to the outrageous antics of the incomparable Mulla Nasrudin, we invite you to a wonderful event, ensha Allah! (God willing!)

A Yurt Full of Tales
DVD - $10

1. The Tiger and His Ministers
2. The Three Brays of the Donkey
3. Soup of the Soup
4. The Rice Pudding
5. The Dervish and the Peaches
6. The Angel of Death
7. Abu Nawwas
8. The Hanim and the Porter
9. Let's Not Look into it too Deeply